Terms of Use

We hope you enjoy our casino. The gambling hub takes all necessary steps to ensure that our site is always in order. Like any gambling house, we have certain rules that we adhere to and that our customers must adhere to here. These rules are not complex and help our players to know their responsibilities and opportunities. It also helps our players feel safe and understand that we have a certain system. If you follow the rules that our casino sets, you will be able to protect yourself from unwanted difficulties due to various aspects. That will also help us to protect you better. Here you can explore such subheadings as:

  • Application of The Rules;
  • Fair Use Requirements;
  • Player Representations;
  • Bonuses;
  • Fraud and Illegal Activities.

We ask you to study all the rules that we provide. That is necessary in order not to violate any of them by mistake. Ignorance of the rules can lead to undesirable consequences, so it is your responsibility to learn them.

Application of The Rules

If you register or open an account on our site, you agree with all the rules we describe. You agree to respect our terms and conditions, and, accordingly, you agree that if you violate these terms, you will bear the consequences. The consequences depend on which rules you break and what consequences these rules carry. Violation of our rules may result in disqualification, termination of your account, loss of funds in your gaming account, or even criminal prosecution.

If you accept our terms and conditions, we will begin to provide you with the services of our gambling hub. If you register on our site, you do not have the option to delete your account after registration. However, you have the option to close your account as long as our terms and conditions allow it.

Fair Use Requirements

Access to our online casino is open only to persons of legal age. That rule is following the law. As a result, we do not allow clients under the age of majority to play. Therefore, we have every right to ask you to confirm that you are of legal age if we are not sure about that. Your account will be inaccessible to you before you confirm that you are of the legal age for gambling.

Also, our gambling house does not provide its customers with legal insurance or advice, so you are responsible for complying with the country's laws in which you currently live. If gambling is illegal under the laws of your country, then you must immediately leave our site to avoid consequences. If our site works properly in a region that prohibits gambling, that is not a call to violate that region's law.

Player Representations

Our client is an adult person of sound mind and good memory, which allows him to take full responsibility for his actions. The client takes full responsibility for possible losses of funds and undertakes not to blame our casino for that. He also assumes the risk of using the site and studying all the conditions and rules of our gambling house and your country's rules to allow or prohibit the use of gambling.

The gambler also undertakes not to trade in any fraud and not undermine our site's security system. Also, our clients cannot use any computer assistance to increase the probability of their winning or winning of other players. In case of violation of these laws, the client will lose his winnings, and we will have to notify the relevant authorities about his activities.


If you purchase services that we negotiate before the provision of bonuses, then we may credit free or bonus funds to your account from time to time. Receiving bonuses on our site is possible only after registration. After that, you become a full client of our casino. Before registration, our clients have no rights and opportunities to receive bonus accruals from us.

Each bonus has specific rules and conditions that the client must accept. Gamblers must receive bonuses exclusively following these conditions. In case of non-acceptance of the conditions that accompany a specific bonus, you will not be able to receive it. Likewise, you will not be able to withdraw bonus funds from your account if you do not agree with the relevant terms and conditions.

Fraud and Illegal Activities

Regarding fraud and unfair play, our website has a zero-tolerance policy. If we suspect you of fraud in an attempt to deceive our company or other players, we will take tactics against your actions. If our company suspects a fraudulent payment account that involves using stolen credit cards, we will have to block or close your account. Also, our casino reserves the right to transfer information about your illegal activities to banks, gaming sites, companies, and other relevant agencies.

We prohibit the posting of information about our clients from promoting any offers without the written permission of our company. The gambling hub does that to protect your data and increase your level of security. That will allow us to make sure that the protection of our site is at the highest level.