Sunday Mornings – Traditional Worship

Every Sunday at 9 a.m. (except the first Sunday of December) members of Grace and our friends and visitors gather to celebrate the transformational power of the gospel and to worship God. Our worship is joyful and inspirational. We enjoy the richness of a timeless liturgy and the music of the church with organ and choir. Join in singing historic and contemporary hymns, engage in thought-provoking learning, and connect with others. At Grace worship is a sacred time when you can experience the love of God in a welcoming, inclusive community.

Sunday Evenings – Eventide Community

Every Sunday at 5 p.m. led by  Rev. Jeanie Shaw, we gather to worship, study and care for one another and the world, in the manner of the ancient days. We are deepened with music and art, share the nourishment of a simple meal together, and claim the love and justice of Jesus Christ. We gather to serve in our community, nation and world. We are constantly sending out teams to rebuild hope by rebuilding homes destroyed by disasters around the world.  We would be honored to have you join with us

2nd and 4th Sundays – Mobile Worship at Carlton Crown Plaza senior living

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month members of Grace assist in Mobile Worship serving the senior community at Carlton Crown Plaza Senior Living, 1075 Fulton Ave (Between Hurley and Northrup). These services are all about connecting and deepening relationships—with others and with God.

Special Services

Easter Sunday
We start Easter morning with a potluck breakfast and fellowship followed by a joyous worship celebrating Jesus’s resurrection.

Open House Sunday
In September we welcome everyone back from their summer vacations refreshed and renewed. Our worship service includes special music and speakers followed by a brunch, fellowship and more. If you’ve been away from church for a while or have never been and are looking for a community dedicated to serving others this is a fine opportunity to meet us and see what we do.

Stewardship Sunday, November
During this month of Thanksgiving we consider and celebrate the gifts we have been given and what we can give back. What better way to show appreciation for life and all of its gifts than to show respect and be good stewards?

Christmas Reflections, First Sunday Evening in December 
On the first Sunday in December we offer a special evening advent worship in place  of our usual morning service. Christmas Reflections celebrates the beginning of Advent with special music and stories  to create a renewed sense of hope and joy followed by a  a simple supper and fellowship.