Open House & Homecoming Sunday 2017

You’re invited!

Grace Presbyterian Church, Sacramento
invites you to our Open House

Come and see what community in action looks like!
Find out how much a modest number of people can accomplish.

Sunday, September 17, 2017 

9 am
Experience our modern/traditional worship. Reverend Kristin Saldine will be in the pulpit this week and we’ll have guest singers and musicians.

10 am
Be our guest for abuffet brunch with musical entertainment and fellowship.
Learn more about our food access and population health initiatives—Farm to EVERY Fork, CalFresh Booth, Plots of Love Garden, food closet support, Family Promise—and how you can get involved.
join in at  CSUS student-facilitated table-top discussions about social and corporate justice.

Grace Presbyterian Church, Sacramento
at Arden Christian Center
4300 La Cruces Way at Eastern Ave
(2 blocks south of Arden Way)

free onsite parking

Grace is community service and advocacy.
Grace is meaning and purpose.
Grace is questioning and learning.
Grace is nonjudgmental and supportive.

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