Farm to EVERY Fork

There are over 220,000 Sacramento County residents who have limited or uncertain ability to obtain healthful, fresh, affordable food.


Food access has been one of Grace Presbyterian’s enduring missions for 30 years with members supporting local food banks through volunteer and financial support. Over time we have widened the scope of our outreach so that we now tackle food justice and equal access to healthy food from several directions under the idea of Farm to EVERY Fork.

For more than 33 years our “little congregation” has supplied a dedicated team f volunteers for the Carmichael Food Closet. The CFC was started to fill what was thought to be a temporary need. Instead that need persisted and grew. The CFC is open 5 days per week serving over 5400 families.

In 2010 we created Plots of Love, converting an unused and unlovely patch of dirt on the church campus into eight garden plots producing hundreds of pounds of fresh produce every year for food closets.

In 2013 we organized and hosted our first free Farm to EVERY Fork educational series, on the state of food insecurity in Sacramento and what can be done about it. The response to this event was very gratifying, inspiring us to continue. In 2018 we partnered with the Health Education Council in Sacramento to co-host a series of workshops on general health topics including nutrition, brain and body health and well-being.

In May of 2014 In concert with Alchemist Community Development Corporation we opened a CalFresh booth at the Country Club Plaza Certified Farmers’ Market  at which people can convert CalFresh (food assistance) dollars into scrip that the local farm vendors accept, improving the healthy eating options for assistance recipients and helping small to mid-size local famers

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Learn more about our Farm to EVERY Fork events

Learn more about our CalFresh booth

Below you will find links to the supporting organizations as well other resources of information about the issues of food insecurity.

Additional Resources (click on the blue text for more information):

Alchemist Community Development Corporation: supporting Sacramento area residents in their efforts to create vibrant, equitable, healthy and diverse communities.

Valley Vision: an “action tank” connecting citizens and shaping solutions publishes studies

California Food Literacy Center: To inspire change today for a healthy, sustainable tomorrow through enduring community food education.

“Food Stamp Cuts Would Hit Growing Suburban Poor” by Elizabeth Kneebone, August 5, 2013.

USDA Food Access Research Atlas: A tool for mapping food deserts and exploring access to healthy and affordable foods nationwide (requires Flash to view)

The Presbyterian Hunger Program: Alleviating hunger and eliminating its causes.

Health Starts Where You Live.
an 8-page supplement by the Healthy Sacramento Coalition on building a healthier Sacramento. Page 7 features and interview with Warren Barnes and our Farm to EVERY Fork initiative.

Free Cookbook: Free downloadable, printable PDF compilation of simple instructions for microwaving fresh produce, plus a few extras.

NY Times Farmers’ Market Recipe Generator: The Recipe Generator is essentially a one-armed bandit of ingredients and techniques, offering more than 50 combinations of things you’re most likely to find in a market or your C.S.A. basket, with recipes that make wonderful use of them.