Vision and Values


Our vision or noble cause is a world in which love and justice prevail.


Our core values are the values of the historic Christian faith: courage, faith, forgiveness, freedom, generosity, hope, humility (not pretentiousness), inclusiveness, ingenuity, integrity, justice, love, prayer, resilience, responsibility, truth, and willingness to change.

We seek to embody these values and to make them real in our everyday lives. That is following the leadership of Jesus in practice.


Our ever-evolving mission is engaged Christian leadership:

  • to encourage our members to energize their strengths with their most passionately held Christian values
  • to collaborate with them to secure necessary assets, and
  • to align and empower them, individually and as a group, to further the mission of Jesus Christ by striving to achieve outcomes of love and justice in people’s lives and relationships and in the world.