Our mission is focused first on Arden Park, Arden Arcade, and the entire Arden area, second on Sacramento, and finally on the nation and the world. The primary focus of our outreach is food access—affordable, easily accessible, healthy food for all, especially those in reduced circumstance.

Our local mission initiatives include:

  • We maintain and staff a CalFresh booth at the Country Club Plaza Farmers Market at which food assistance recipients can trade food assistance dollars at a 1-to-1 ratio for scrip they can use to buy fresh, affordable, healthy produce from the local farmers. This effort aids local farmers and the low-income shoppers, improving the community, the local economy and the fresh-food supply.
  • We grow organic produce in our Plots of Love Garden for donation to local food banks, and raise, dry, package and sell fresh herbs for the benefit of the food banks. The Garden also allows local Girl Scout troops to learn about gardening, fresh food and feeding those in need.
  • We produce Farm to EVERY Fork, an educational program to clarify the state of food insecurity in the region, its causes and effects and ways to mitigate it. Speakers have covered topics ranging from food policy to how local organizations are working to expand food access in low income neighborhoods. Started in 2013, this program generated our  CalFresh booth and our involvement with Oakdale Elementary School in North Highlands.
  • We partner with Carmichael Presbyterian Church when they host low-income family through the Family Promise of Sacramento program.
  • We support the Carmichael Food Closet, located at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church, and the Sierra Arden Neighborhood Food Closet with volunteers, food, and donations. The need is greater now than ever before.
  • We belong to the Arden Arcade Carmichael Faith Community.
    Because no one should be hungry and with the knowledge that we can do so much more together than we can in isolation, the members of Arden-Arcade Carmichael Faith Community have joined hands to share knowledge, information, and pool our energies as we combat hunger in our neighborhood communities and provide assistance to those most in need of aid with transportation, housing, and education.  All who want to help are invited
  • Grace Church continues to “pray the zip code” of 95864: God bless the residents, businesses, schools and all who pass through the area.

National and international mission initiatives include:

  • We currently exploring ecumenical initiatives for national health justice, to assure the availability of quality health care services and information to empower patient self-management.
  • In a single-country initiative, we commissioned a respected leader in the congregation to participate in an ecumenical fact-finding mission to the Philippines.
  • Multiple initiatives sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA) include: