Pastoral Leadership
Head Pastor Rev. Warren Barnes
Regular Pulpit Guest Mr. Jamie Crook
Regular Pulpit Guest Rev. Kristin Saldine
Eventide Pastor Rev. Jeanie Shaw
Mobile Worship Leader Ms. Marsha Cook
Don Anderson
Marsha Cook
Andrea Cool
Joan Richey
Pat Stokes
Clerk of Session Linda Sweetman
Treasurer Don Anderson
Marketing & Social Media Anne Anderson
Delegate to Presbytery Pat Stokes, Don Anderson, Helen Romig
Robin Durston
Judy Roller
Gretchen Richardson
Worship Team
Worship Linda Sweetman, chair
Communion Gretchen Richardson
Sanctuary Organist Grace Fong
Sound Technician Norm Schiavone
Mission Teams
Membership Gretchen Richardson
Christian Education Pat Stokes
Community Missions Marsha Cook
Stewardship Don Anderson
Prayer Chain Shirley Cool
Men’s Breakfast Steve Walter
Women’s Breakfast Colleen Schneider
Healthy Congregation Laura Kolafa, Warren Barnes
CalFresh Booth Project Don Anderson
Hospitality Gretchen Richardson
Plots of Love  Garden Linda Sweetman
Farm to EVERY Fork Anne Anderson